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BAC 100: 2010. Join in the Celebrations of 100 Years of Aviation in the West of England. Aviation image sequence: Photograph of the Bristol Flying School at Larkhill by T L Fuller © J T Fuller. Mercury engine installation diagram, courtesy of BAC/Rolls-Royce. Selection of old postcards from the collection of Jackie Sims. Photograph of A380 over Clifton Suspension Bridge courtesy of Airbus SAS 2006. Computer generated image of A350 XWB courtesy of Airbus. Artist's impressions of main exhibition by Simon Gurr. Sir George White (Airbus).
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By the end of this decade the 'Bristol' name had gone with the merger of the airframes side of the business into British Aircraft Corporation and of the engines side into Rolls-Royce, but production still flourished at the factory sites with the build-up of the Concorde project.

The conflict which dominated the 1960s was the Vietnam War which galvanised peace protestors at home and abroad. It was also the decade of sexual liberation (in the words of poet Philip Larkin, beginning 'Between the end of the Chatterley ban/And the Beatles' first LP'), pop culture, civil rights movements, hippies and England winning the World Cup.

June 1960
Bristol Aircraft Ltd joins Vickers-Armstrong and English Electric to form British Aircraft Corporation in a government-instigated merger.
21 October 1960
First tethered hover of Pegasus Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) engine.
Other UK and world events this year:
Sputnik 5 makes 18 Earth orbits.
Bristol Siddeley absorbs Blackburn and de Havilland engine companies.
September 1961
First Pegasus transition from vertical take off to flight to vertical landing (P1127).
Other UK and world events this year:
The first non-stop flight between UK and Australia. First man in space.
14 April 1962
Maiden flight of the Type 188 supersonic research aircraft.
26 April 1962
Launch of Ariel 1 satellite.
29 November 1962
BAC and Sud Aviation sign agreement for Concorde project.
2 December 1962
Vulcan runway fire during tests for Olympus engine.
Other UK and world events this year:
First US astronaut orbits earth. Telstar launched. Cuban Missile Crisis.
January 1964
Death of Sir Stanley White.
27 March 1964
Launch of Ariel 2.
1 May 1964
Maiden flight of Type 221, an adaptation of the Fairey Delta used in research for supersonic flight.
17 July 1964
World land speed record broken by Bluebird CN7 car using Proteus engine.
27 September 1964
Maiden flight of TSR2, Tactical Strike Reconnaissance aircraft.
Other UK and world events this year:
First female solo flight around the world.
Bristol Siddeley merges with Rolls-Royce.
Other UK and world events this year:
First man-made vehicle soft lands on the Moon's surface.
First launch of SeaWolf guided missile. Space work transfers from Stevenage.
4 January 1967
Donald Campbell killed in attempt at breaking water speed record in hydroplane Bluebird K7, powered by Orpheus engine.
Other UK and world events this year:
Boeing awarded contract for design of a US Super Sonic Transport. Apollo I capsule destroyed on launch pad by fatal fire.
9 April 1969
Maiden flight from Filton of prototype Concorde 002.
18 April 1969
First Harrier delivered to RAF (Pegasus VTOL engines). Enters service in May.
5 May 1969
Harrier wins Daily Mail London to New York Air Race.
Other UK and world events this year:
First man sets foot on the Moon (Armstrong).
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Bristol Review cover showing crates of exported pre-fab schools (Bristol Aero Collection).
Artist's impression of the Bristol Type 188 supersonic research aircraft (Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust).

Vulcan fire at Filton (Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust).
Vulcan fire at Filton (Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust).

Type 221 (Airbus).
Type 221 (Airbus).

TSR2 (Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust).
TSR2 (Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust).

Cover of Concorde brochure (Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust).
Cover of Concorde brochure (Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust).
Hawker Siddeley Harrier (Bristol Aero Collection).
See a Hawker Siddeley Harrier at the Bristol Aero Collection at Kemble.
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