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BAC 100: 2010. Join in the Celebrations of 100 Years of Aviation in the West of England. Aviation image sequence: Photograph of the Bristol Flying School at Larkhill by T L Fuller © J T Fuller. Mercury engine installation diagram, courtesy of BAC/Rolls-Royce. Selection of old postcards from the collection of Jackie Sims. Photograph of A380 over Clifton Suspension Bridge courtesy of Airbus SAS 2006. Computer generated image of A350 XWB courtesy of Airbus. Artist's impressions of main exhibition by Simon Gurr. Sir George White (Airbus).
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If you like aeroplanes and would like to learn more about them, then 2010 will be a great year for you.

For children there'll be amazing workshops taking place in schools where you can find out how aeroplanes fly, make paper aeroplanes and tissue paper balloons, draw pictures, make collages, create poems and stories, and meet some very interesting people who work in aviation.

There will also be competitions, fact sheets, games and puzzles added to this website throughout the year so you can learn, make and do things at home.

In 2010 you'll learn about the important achievements of the past, how they have helped to make the present and how they will go on to help build the future.

Explore this section to find out more.

Wallace and Gromit Take Flight

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© Aardman/Wallace and Gromit 2009

Wallace and Gromit are big fans of flight, as the compilation above shows, and they've given us an idea for a BAC 100 competition for children. Create a picture of Wallace and Gromit flying in one of the 'Bristol' aeroplanes or helicopters – there are lots of photos on this website to give you ideas. You can use felt tips, crayons, paints, collage – whatever you like. There will be aviation-themed prizes for the best entries in each age category: 7 and under, 8 to 11, 12 to 16.

Send your picture to BAC 100, Bristol Creative Projects, Leigh Court, Abbots Leigh, Bristol BS8 3RA. Write your name, address and age on the back of the picture.
Closing date: Friday 26 November 2010.

We are unable to return pictures to senders but a selection will be scanned and added to the BAC 100 website.
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BAC 100 Workshop (Simon Gurr).
BAC 100 Workshop (Simon Gurr).
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There are lists of books to read, places to go and websites to visit where you can find out more about aviation in the West of England on the Resources page. You'll also find some great film clips there.

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