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BAC 100: 2010. Join in the Celebrations of 100 Years of Aviation in the West of England. Aviation image sequence: Photograph of the Bristol Flying School at Larkhill by T L Fuller © J T Fuller. Mercury engine installation diagram, courtesy of BAC/Rolls-Royce. Selection of old postcards from the collection of Jackie Sims. Photograph of A380 over Clifton Suspension Bridge courtesy of Airbus SAS 2006. Computer generated image of A350 XWB courtesy of Airbus. Artist's impressions of main exhibition by Simon Gurr. Sir George White (Airbus).
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Bristol Aeroplane Company

This section provides details of resources relating to British & Colonial Aeroplane Company and the Bristol Aeroplane Company.


Barnes, C H (1988) Bristol Aircraft Since 1910 (3rd edition) Putnam: London

Bristol Aerojet (1993) Shadow to Shadow: A History of the Bristol Aeroplane Shadow Factory and Bristol Aerojet (BAJ) 1941-1991 Bristol Aerojet Coatings Limited: Banwell

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Gunston, Bill (1998) Fedden: the life of Sir Roy Fedden Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust: Derby (covers his period at BAC)

Harvey, Charles and Press, Jon (1989) Sir George White of Bristol 1854-1916 Bristol Branch of the Historical Association (refers to founding of British & Colonial)

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Places to Go

See full-scale reproductions, scale models and original 'Bristol' aircraft at the Bristol Aero Collection at Kemble. There is an admission charge.

See original 'Bristol' engines at the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust at Patchway. Admission is free but pre-booking is essential.

See a dedicated display of 'Bristol' helicopters at the Helicopter Museum at Weston-super-Mare. There is an admission charge.

The Bristol Record Office holds the Sir George White papers. Admission is free.


The Bristol Road Transport Collection focuses on the road vehicles built by the Bristol Tramways Company founded by Sir George White and its successors.

The Blenheim Society records the history of the aircraft, organises reunions and raises support for restoration projects.

The Britannia Aircraft Preservation Trust raises funds and co-ordinates volunteer work programmes to assist with the preservation and restoration of Britannia aircraft in the UK.

The BBC Bristol website includes archived news items about Brabazon and the Britannia crash at Downend.

The BBC Wiltshire website includes an article about Olga Lehmann's murals at Spring Quarry.
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Blenheims on patrol (Bristol Aero Collection).
Blenheims on patrol (Bristol Aero Collection).
Take Flight
Alan Dean, Chief Executive Officer of Component Coating and Repair Services Ltd.
Alan Dean, Chief Executive Officer of Component Coating and Repair Services Ltd, signs special limited edition copies of Take Flight by Andrew and Melanie Kelly to give to colleagues. Component Coating and Repair Services Ltd has sponsored the book.
New Publication
Peter R March's 'Boxkite to Concorde'.
Peter R March's Boxkite to Concorde is published 19 February 2010 RRP £9.99 (postage free). A donation will be made to Bristol Aero Collection for every copy sold. Further details on order form.
New Publication
Olveston Parish Historical Society has recently published reminiscences of people from the parish who worked in the aviation industry. Further details on the PDF of the cover. Priced at £7.00. Contact Les Harper lesnjanet@hawlane.freeserve.co.uk to order.
Bristol Fighter 2010
Graduate trainees at Airbus, Rolls-Royce and GKN are among those taking part in the building of a F.2B Bristol Fighter as part of BAC 100. We'll be tracking their progress on the website on the News and Press page.
Dispersal Sites
Olveston Parish Historical Society has recently produced a leaflet giving information about the wartime dispersal sites in the area. This can be downloaded here as a PDF.
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Bristol Plastics
Bristol Aero Collection has published a booklet on BAC's work in non-metallic materials. On sale for £2.

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